Digitization has drastically changed our working world. Not only are there new digital processes in place, but new digital relationships with clients are being forged. If handled correctly, the digital shift offers endless possibilities for businesses.

A well thought-out digitization strategy is a key success factor for the future of modern businesses. Stock analysis, process- and interface optimization and evaluation- and control systems play major roles in getting ahead. In all three areas, you can count on our professional support. At Wagemann + Partner, we guide our clients through digitization processes, helping them on their way to making their businesses paper-free.

Process analysis and optimization

Our experience has shown that businesses can increase their success by making their processes more efficient and thereby simplifying business operations. Our experts will offer solid advice and help optimize your processes with interfaces, plug-ins and pre-collection systems, making them more streamlined and agile. Our solutions are tailored to your individual needs and ensure that your accounting and procedural documentation complies with the GoBD.

Digitizing these processes comes with a huge range of advantages, a few of which are:

  • You can check your company reports on a daily basis (also using your smartphone)
  • Delivery quotas for intra-company goods transports and the movement of warehouse goods can be automatically monitored
  • Payment release processes can be defined

Our approach

We build on your existing IT infrastructure, taking your requirements and specifications into account. Working hand in hand, we’ll develop a plan for the future. The primary software we work with comes from market leader DATEV combined with other information systems, plug-ins or interfaces as necessary. Most importantly, we’ll take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on what really matters.