These days, the role of tax law in healthcare is becoming increasingly complicated. Doctors, medical practices, cooperative associations and nursing care providers are facing a slew of new questions that come along with ever-changing requirements. Here at Wagemann + Partner, our solid expertise in the field allows us to advise healthcare professionals and associations with the quality for which we’re renowned.

Our clients come from all corners of the healthcare system. Relying on our expertise are individual practices, professional practice associations, group practices, medical care centers, outpatient care services and private clinics, as well as management companies and freelancers in the healthcare industry. Our know-how is not limited to tax law – we also support healthcare agents with business optimization, quality control and growth rate management. Let us help with the business management side of healthcare, so you have more time for the work that really matters, and ultimately, for your patients.

Our motivated branch specialists regularly undergo training to make sure they’re always up to date, whether in tax and business issues, laws on healthcare, individual healthcare services or new cooperations and associations.

An established network of cooperation partners provides clients with a suitable contact to assist with legal advice or investments.