THE hotel and restaurant industries

The hotel and restaurant industries are governed by stringent tax laws and business requirements. Wagemann + Partner offers comprehensive consultations on electronic bookkeeping, procedural documentation, VAT inspections and tax audits.

Working in the hotel and restaurant industries has always meant navigating a range of organizational and tax challenges, including human resources issues, managing the cost of goods sold, solving storage concerns and keeping track of pay surcharges for work that takes place outside of standard business hours, on Sundays or on public holidays. The most significant challenge facing the hotel and restaurant industries today is the GoBD, a new law regarding data access and the way in which books, records and documents are maintained and stored electronically. Now, thorough bookkeeping is more essential than ever in case of an official audit.

Wagemann + Partner draws on its expertise in industry-specific issues of tax and management consulting to support clients who own hotels and restaurants and help them prepare for tax audits. We use simulated electronic data to access bookkeeping, so we can ensure that our clients are well-prepared for any and all auditing eventualities.