Real estate

When it comes to tax optimization in the purchase, rent/management, sale and project management of real estate, we’re the professionals. And that includes transnational investments, too.

Frequently, investments and shares come hand in hand with new property arrangements, which often poses economic and tax questions. What needs to be addressed when purchasing or building new properties? What if you’re renting, managing or maintaining them? We’re here to help with any and all questions, including those posed above. In addition to assisting with tax requirements, we also know our way around technical and legal building processes, as well as managing property portfolios.

The following services are in the highest demand:

  • Valuation of plots and plot-based laws for tax and other purposes, for example, property tax
  • Advice on optimizing tax depreciations with regard to purchase price allocation, ascertaining depreciation assessment bases, general depreciation (AfA) and special depreciation (monuments, redevelopment areas, etc.)

Long-standing experience in property economy is what sets our specialists apart. Many of them have previous experience as managers or construction engineers, or are TÜV-certified surveyors in plot valuation.