Wagemann + Partner has been a go-to firm in Germany for tax consultancy and business auditing for over 40 years. We provide services that encompass everything from traditional tax consulting and advice for start-ups to comprehensive business audits and consultancy.

We have especial expertise in international tax law, real estate, health care, the hotel and restaurant industries and digitization. You can count on us: Any business is in safe hands with Wagemann + Partner’s motivated international team of tax advisors, business auditors and CPAs.

First-rate tax consulting

German and international tax law is complex and constantly changing – but that doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. Thanks to our highly qualified team of experienced tax consultants, we offer competent, individualized and comprehensive tax consultations that draw on years of industry knowledge, technical competence and efficiency. Our clients profit from the creativity and innovation employed by our tax experts, who are ready to take on the most challenging of tax issues. What’s more, we work with the most efficient communication and documentation systems available.

Aside from providing traditional services such as income tax returns or payroll and financial accounting, we also offer consultations in the business management field, in company start-up procedures and in company succession. We also represent our clients in company audits and court proceedings. Due to our link with independent international partner firms through Integra International®, we are also able to provide you with top specialist knowledge if required.

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial statements
  • Calculation of excess of revenues over expenses
  • Tax returns according to income tax, corporation tax, trade tax, VAT, estate and gift tax
  • Inbound/outbound consulting
  • Cross-border investments
  • Planning and organization
  • Financing
  • Legal form
  • Insurances
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Domestic and international comparison of legal forms
  • Business and property succession planning
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Strategic tax planning non-profits
  • Foundations and associations
  • Payroll and financial accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Business analysis

Professional, industry-specific business audits

Today’s market faces a diverse and complex set of challenges. Our auditors are ready to tackle these head-on, drawing on a wealth of technical and industry knowledge to turn challenges into opportunities. Here at Wagemann + Partner, we see our clients’ businesses as organic entities. Aware that we’re working with networks of reciprocal relationships, we begin by analyzing the foundations of these relationships. This gives us insights that allow us to ensure our clients’ businesses operate efficiently, grow successfully and hold their own in the marketplace.

Wagemann + Partner provides highest quality services. We passed the nationally mandated quality assurance exam for auditors with flying colors and continuously monitor our compliance according to current standards. We’re committed to ensuring that our operations are consistently of the highest quality.

Areas of expertise

  • Audit of financial statements
  • Audit of financial group statements
  • Audit of interim financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Audit of specifically defined financial component
  • Audit of other financial statements
  • Public fund appropriation audit
  • Due diligence
  • Consulting and assistance in the organization of the reporting
  • Consulting and assistance in the structuring of internal control systems
  • Consulting and assistance in the setting up of controlling systems

Extensive knowledge of US tax law

At Wagemann + Partner, we work closely with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Accredited and licensed to practice in the USA, our CPAs are on hand to provide assistane with all US tx and audit matters.

Areas of expertise

We give comprehensive advice in all issues related to US and German tax law and provide information about the double taxation treaty between the two countries. Clients benefitting from this service are German citizens and companies with income in the USA, and US citizens and companies with income in Germany.