At Wagemann + Partner, we pride ourselves on our sound advice, the respectful way in which we treat our clients and the results we achieve. For more than 40 years, our clients have counted on our expertise to provide reliable support with tax law and auditing issues. Wagemann + Partner has a tradition of providing exceptional service – and we’ve been growing ever since Eberhard Wagemann founded the company in 1978. Today, the firm consists of six partners and more than 50 highly qualified colleagues, including tax advisors, auditors and CPAs. In addition to our main headquarters in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, we can also be found in Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

Wagemann + Partner’s aim, in addition to meeting the highest professional standards, is to help our clients on their way to success. This means thinking about more than just facts and figures: In everything we do, we put our clients and their goals first. We believe our clients deserve the best – including our trust, respect and reliability.

Services outside the scope of tax law and auditing are provided for our clients by vetted external partners. We’ve been working together for many years, for example, as well as with specialized lawyers and notaries. Our cooperations and partnerships allow us to provide a first-rate, centralized and all-inclusive service.


Who’s who

Wagemann + Partner consists of a motivated team of highly qualified professionals with excellent collaborative skills. Regardless of our clients’ requirements, there’s a suitable expert on our staff. We treat each and every case competently and with discretion.


A unique range of skills under one roof

Because our clients require support across a wide range of areas, we founded a Competence Network consisting of lawyers and notaries so we can provide all our clients with timely and comprehensive advice.


Legal consultations deal with a range of complex topics. Our pool of legal experts have the credentials to deal competently with our clients’ specific legal and notarial matters.

Real Estate Consulting

Our partners offer real estate valuations (including assessments of land and rights similar to land for tax and property tax purposes), and provide consultations on many other real estate matters.


Cross-border engagements inevitably involve tax law. For over 25 years, Wagemann + Partner has been an active member in the worldwide cooperation INTEGRA International®. We offer support in areas that extend well beyond international tax law, drawing on the experience and know-how of more than 130 partner firms from the most influential cities and jurisdictions in the world.