Wagemann + Partner is a tax consultancy, auditing and CPA firm experienced in providing its clients with reliable advice in tax law, accounting and auditing.

Our clients are our number one commitment: We’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Our quality service has garnered numerous awards. In a study conducted by the 2020 edition of the trade journal Handelsblatt, Wagemann + Partner was named the top tax consultancy firm for the fitfth time in a row and for the second time as top auditors. In addition, manager magazin once again named us Germany’s best auditors 2020/2021 after 2019 in the SME category. It’s more than just an honour for us. It means that with Wagemann + Partner, you’re in good hands.

Our law firm has implemented a quality management system in the area of management system documentation since 2000, which is certified by DEKRA according to ISO 9001:2015. The last annual audit took place successfully on May 20th, 2020.


Our expertise guarantees your success

We’re well-versed in numerous industries, various legal structures and traditional aspects of tax law and accounting. Our particular areas of expertise include:

Internationales Steuerrecht

tax law

As every businesses knows, there’s no escaping tax law. Unfortunately, it’s rarely as easy as simply filling out a form. That’s why we’re here to provide reliable and competent consultations in international tax law and business activities.


US Tax Services

US Tax Services

At Wagemann + Partner, we work closely with two Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Accredited and licensed to practice in the USA, our CPAs are on hand to provide assistance with all US tax and audit matters.




Digitization has drastically changed our working world. Not only are there new digital processes in place, but new digital relationships with clients are being forged. If handled correctly, the digital shift offers endless possibilities for businesses.



Real estate

When it comes to tax optimization in the purchase, rent/management, sale and project management of real estate, we’re the professionals. And that includes transnational investments, too.




These days, the role of tax law in healthcare is becoming increasingly complicated. Doctors, medical practices, cooperative associations and nursing care providers are facing a slew of new questions that come along with ever-changing requirements. Here at Wagemann + Partner, our solid expertise in the field allows us to advise healthcare professionals and associations with the quality for which we’re renowned.



The hotel and
restaurant industries

The hotel and restaurant industries are governed by stringent tax laws and business requirements. Wagemann + Partner offers comprehensive consultations on electronic bookkeeping, procedural documentation, VAT inspections and tax audits.


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Wagemann + Partner is a member of Integra International®. This international association consists of independent tax advisors and auditors who pool their resources to provide internationally-oriented clients with professional advice.

Wagemann + Partner is a member of the Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (German Chamber of Public Accountants), a nation-wide government association that fulfils tasks pertaining to official duties. It aspires to ensure and promote the quality of professional practice.

Wagemann + Partner is represented by IR Global, which allows us to provide our clients with first-rate service across 155 jurisdictions. The world’s fastest growing exclusive multidisciplinary network of advisory firms aspires to bring together the best in the consulting industry for the benefit of clients worldwide.

Wagemann + Partner is a member of the Steuerberaterkammer Berlin (Berlin Chamber of Tax Consultants), alongside the other 4,000-some tax consultants and tax agents located in Berlin. Among other things, the union monitors its members’ fulfillment of professional duties.

The Steuerberaterverband Berlin-Brandburg, an association that brings together tax advisory and auditing professionals, has more than 2,100 volunteer members. Wagemann + Partner is among that number, which allows us to take advantage of numerous benefits to help our clients.